Our Web Design Process

Straightforward and hassle-free

How We Work ✅

Our Bristol team creates functional, professional-looking websites that don’t cost a fortune. If you decide to work with us, your new site will be mobile friendly and built to your specific requirements.

We understand that as a business owner you probably have more than enough items on your to-do list. With that in mind, we aim to keep our web design process straightforward and as hassle-free as possible.

Our experienced designers follow a tried and tested three-step process for every project we work on. This applies to everything from one-page brochure websites to more complex e-commerce stores. Working this way gives our clients a clear understanding of where we’re at with their project at any point in time.

Prices for our one-page, mobile friendly brochure websites start at £185. Beyond that, we charge additional costs based on the specific requirements of your project. So, if you want more pages or custom features (think e-commerce, membership functionality, etc.), we’ll price up a quote based on exactly what you’re looking for.

Icon showing different elements and sections of a web page.

Step #1: Creating an Initial Website Mockup

We’ll start your project by creating an initial website mockup. It will show the proposed layout of your new homepage with the sections (about us, FAQs, testimonials, etc.) and layout (order of said sections) we think will work well for your business.

We understand that before taking this first step it can be difficult to visualise how your new website will look so we don’t charge a fee for this mockup. And if you decide you don’t like what we create or choose to go with a different web designer, we can part with no hard feelings and no money paid.

This mockup will be shared as a static image via email or WhatsApp – you choose.

Icon showing different elements and sections of a web page.
Complete web design layout.

Step #2: Bringing Your Mockup
to Life

Once you’ve seen your initial mockup and like the sections and structure of your new homepage, we can start bringing the design to life.

We’ll add your branding, company colors, images, and website copy. Most clients love this part of the project because it’s when they begin to see the website they’ve imagined come to life.

If you don’t have branding, company colours, images, or website copy, there’s no need to worry. Our Bristol team can help with any or all of this.

During this stage, we can make several changes to ensure your new website has the exact look and feel you want.

Your worked-up web design mockup will again be shared as a static image.

Rocket launching in fromt of a computer screen.

Step #3: Turning Your Mockup into a Fully Functional Website

This is the final part of the project that we’ll need to complete before getting your website live. At this stage, we’ll take your designed website mockup and turn it into a fully functional and mobile-responsive website.

When you’re happy with the site, we’ll hit the launch button and push your new website live.

Rocket launching in fromt of a computer screen.

From Simple to Complex Websites 🤓

Over the last seven years, we’ve helped 100’s businesses across Bristol and the wider UK create their online presence. So whether you’re looking for a simple one-page brochure website to boost your online credibility or to make a membership website with lots of custom functionality, our Bristol web designers can help.


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