Three pages you might have forgotten to include on your website.

‘Get a website and make sure it has a blog’

Sound advice, but reading between the lines what the advice givers are really saying is ‘get more content on your website’.

So beyond top 10 tips, checklists, cheat sheets, a set of recent reviews here are three pages you might want to add to your website.

NOTE 1: These are pages not blog posts.

NOTE 2: Pages and blog posts are both forms of content.

NOTE 3: Pages and blog posts both help with SEO.

1. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: does it hurt? Is there a minimum term contract? What’s your cancellation policy? All pieces of info not easily viewable elsewhere online, but all pieces of info both your potential customers and Google will be interested in.

2. WHY WORK WITH US, OUR PROMISE or GUARANTEE PAGE: It might be a few of short paragraphs coupled with a really powerful review, it might be 5-10 bullet points. Talk about the specific benefits of working with YOU. Not ‘I’m a dog groomer’, but ‘I’m a caring and patient dog groomer that specialises in large breeds’.

3. LOCATION: Beyond where you’re based, where do you customers visit you from or where do you go to serve your customers. You can get specific and talk about areas or neighbourhoods in your town or city. You can talk about neighbouring villages, towns and cities.

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