Thinking Time


The world has become a busy and complicated place with many of us rushing around from one minute to the next trying to ‘get things done’.

This constant quest to tick things off a to do list doesn’t leave much time for thinking, reflecting and planning the future of a business venture.

With so little time it can become easy to substitute thinking with the ‘best practice’ that spews out of social media 24 hours a day. 

We can get swept along with hype around the newest social media platform, productivity tool or book from the latest guru.

While the majority that give the ‘newest’ idea its viral publicity can be a good indicator of usefulness, don’t lose sight of the best possible way to grow a business.

It’s simple, it was here before the Internet (get your head around that) and it’s personalised for you.

You ready?

The best possible way to promote your business is to provide an excellent product or service. Customers tell potential customers and bingo you’ve got yourself a business.

It’s not called peer-to-peer, tech-enabled influencer marketing it’s called word of mouth.

While competition and the Internet mean the real world isn’t quite this idyllic, it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that offering a quality product or service should be the top priority.

Beyond that you can always stop and ask yourself ‘how will my business benefit from this?’

How much time will it take to write blog posts and will it add value?

Do I really need a £1,000 bespoke website for the business I’ve just started?

Will 1,000 Instagram followers lead to more income for my business?

While we can’t stop the world from spinning, we can take a breath the next time we read about the newest business innovation or idea and think ‘how will my business actually benefit from this?’

While it’s difficult to argue against word of mouth being the best form of marketing, the fact is you’re marketing efforts may need a boost from time to time. You may be just starting out or you could find yourself with five or six really good new competitors.

Here at Guidance Digital we provide our customers with a cheap website that they can edit and update themselves. We then give our clients access to marketing tutorials that to help them promote and grow their businesses.

You can speak with a member of our Bristol team about the website service we offer by contacting us on 01179 667 300.

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