I have a Facebook Business Page so I don’t need a website. 

‘It took two minutes to setup, everyone’s on it and it’s free.

I’m not looking to get commercial contracts for my cleaning business or referrals from the vet for my dog grooming business. So don’t need the credibility a professional website would bring. I’m just going after individual customers.

Sharing nuggets of information about my business chronologically on my timeline works great. Frequently asked questions, prices, terms & conditions… customers can message me about these through Facebook.

I’m happy playing by Facebook’s rules, my organic reach may be decreasing but I have 400 likes on my business page.

I can’t be bothered with SEO as it takes ages. Besides everybody is on Facebook so there’s not much point. Dealing with a mailing list, creating emails and then directing people to a website also sounds like a pain too. I like the convenience Facebook brings.

It’s great because I can also have a quick look at my own profile while I’m there. Check out John and Jane’s photos from Corfu, leave a witty comment in a group and blissfully while away an hour or two.

What do you mean I’m meant to be working?

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