Our Web Design Packages 

While it’s difficult for us to work off a set price list (many of our clients have specific web design or functionality requests), the below prices will give you an idea of how much you will need to spend to have our Bristol team of web designers create a new website for your business.

Scrolling Website 

Our prices start at £125 for one of our scrolling websites. We didn’t come up with the term, but do think it accurately describes a website that has all of the key pieces of content on one long ‘scrolling’ (see what they did there?) page as opposed to separate pages for different sections.

As already touched on, all of our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly straight out of the box. It’s in this scenario that a scrolling style design can work particularly well. 

Our scrolling web designs are also a great starting point for new businesses as additional pages or further functionality can always be added at a later date.

Brochure Website 

If you need more from the get go or have outgrown the original website our Bristol team built for you, our web designers will be happy to add additional pages for you. We call a website with multiple pages a ‘brochure’ site, in reference to the ability to flick through various pages in the same way you would with a physical brochure. 

Our brochure sites are priced very much on a project by project basis, but as a guide an additional page containing a combination of text, pictures, videos and several interactive elements (gallery slider, accordion, contact form, etc.) will cost between £25 – £50.

Ecommerce Website 

If you’d like to sell your products or services online and would like to take orders and connect a payment gateway like Stripe or Paypal to your website – you’ll want an ecommerce store. 

All of our ecommerce stores combine the Divi framework (that our web designers use to create all of our sites), WordPress (the popular CMS at the heart of all our sites) and WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress and gives you lots of customisation options for your online store. 

As standard our ecommerce stores include the following:

– Homepage with up to 12 x products
– Individual pages for each product
– Cart page
– Checkout page 
– Integration with either Stripe or Paypal

An ecommerce website with the above features is priced at £225. If you want additional pages, products broken out into different categories, members only buying options and more, then we will be happy to provide you with a quote for this.