Web Design Case Study: Quinta Law 

Showcasing the team and their talents.

Creating a New Website For a London Law Firm

Quinta Law is a new legal practice based in London. Founded in 2020, the team is known not only for the breadth and quality of their legal services, but also the personality and creativity they bring to their work.

Collaborating with the founders, we were up against a tight deadline to get a new site live in time for the launch of the practice.

The brief was to create a website that:

– Highlighted the firm’s legal specialisms
– Focused on the team’s skills and their personalities
– Was consistent with their offline branding

We didn’t want to overwhelm users on the expertise page, so used a combination of a pop-up effect and bullet points to share key pieces of information about each of the legal services the firm offers. 

A team carousel was used to make it easy for website visitors to navigate to the profile pages we’d built. Icons and an illustrated map were then added to ensure the website branding remained consistent with the client’s offline marketing materials.

Photography + Design = The Perfect Match 

The quality of photos you can take on your smartphone has increased dramatically in recent years and stock images can work well in certain situations. But be in no doubt that professional photos can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your website. 

The founders at Quinta worked with a professional portrait photographer who delivered an excellent set of headshot photos. We used these on the homepage and across the profile pages of the new website.

Avoid Information Overload

The team at Quinta Law specialise in nine different areas of law. These include property litigation, funding & investments, commercial contracts and dispute resolution. There is a level of complexity within these legal areas that is difficult to summarise in a way that can be easily understood by those not trained in law. 

The decision was made to include a short set of bullet points for each area of law and for these to be visible when a website visitor clicked on one of the expertise icons.

Consistent Branding

While the Quinta Law team already had a logo, we worked with them to create their colour palette and develop their brand guidelines.

We then used these brand guidelines to create nine icons for the ‘expertise’ page and a map illustration for the ‘get in touch’ page. 

Looking for a New Website?

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