Web Design Case Study: LouLouLifts

Taking a fitness business online.

A Membership Website For a Personal Trainer 

LouLouLifts is an online fitness platform. Members pay a set fee of £39 per month to access regularly updated exercise videos, training programmes, and workout PDFs. The business is owned by Louise Brown, a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the industry. 

The brief was to build a website that:

– Included a way of taking payment from new members
– Featured a private area for the different fitness resources Louise was creating
– Would be easy for Louise and her team to update

We used GoCardless to handle payments for a number of reasons. The platform charges only a 1% transaction fee, it’s straightforward for Louise to add different pricing plans as her business grows, and her members remain in full control of their subscriptions. 

Our team built ‘sign up’ and ‘log in’ functionality, with paying members able to access LouLouLifts content with their email address and a password.

After the site went live, Louise was given access to our video tutorials and was able to add new files, images, and videos to the website herself.

Louise’s Story 

Our team focused on designing a homepage that tells the story of LouLouLifts, adding more detail as users scroll down the page. 

The hero section (banner at the top of the homepage) is the first thing visitors see when they access the website. It includes a clear description of what the business does on the left, a picture of Louise at the gym on the right, and a ‘learn more’ button in bright blue.

As website visitors scroll down the page they get Louise’s back story, the benefits of using the platform, and further information about the different fitness resources they’ll receive access to each month.

Consistent Branding

When it came to the look and feel of the website, we wanted to make sure that the colours, fonts, and branding were consistent with the logo that Louise had commissioned a graphic designer to create. 

To the blue and burgundy of the logo we added three complementary colours, including a bright blue that became the accent colour across the website.

Embedded Instagram Feed

If your business has an Instagram account then we believe it makes a lot of sense to include it on your website. As you’ll see from the video above or if you visit LouLouLifts yourself, we’ve included an embedded feed from Louise’s Instagram account across multiple pages of her new website.

The first thing a well designed website gives your business is improved credibility. It can show that you’re reliable, professional, and a company that customers can trust to deliver a quality product or service.

Embedding a social feed adds to this by giving your business a timeline. If potential customers see you sharing content regularly from jobs you’ve completed, photos of your team, or positive reviews from other happy customers – they’re more likely to buy from you.

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