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Find out more about the different web design and SEO packages we offer.

Starter Website Package - £89

One page website including the following sections:

– About us
– Products or services
– Social feed
– FAQs
– Contact form 
– Privacy policy

Maintenance Package - £8.95 per month

– Domain (yourbusiness.co.uk)
– Hosting (space on the internet for your website)
– SSL certificate (to keep your website secure)
– Daily backups of your website
– Access to our video tutorials

Starter SEO Package - £595

Everything in our ‘Starter Website Package’, plus:

– On-Page SEO
– Off-Page SEO
– Technical SEO 

Further information about how we support our clients with SEO can be found below.

Additional Support - £25 per hour

If you want to add more pages/functionality to your website or require further SEO support we can help. After discussing the brief we’ll provide a fixed (and reasonable) price for the work. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll agree to a deadline and get started. 

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How we help clients with SEO

With our ‘Starter SEO Package’ we focus on improving the search ranking of one service in one location across a variety of related search terms on Google.

As an example, we helped a boiler installer in Bristol rank for the following related search terms:

– Boiler installer Bristol
– Boiler installer in Bristol
– Bristol boiler installer
– Boiler installation Bristol
– Boiler installation in Bristol
– Bristol boiler installation 

We did this by working on the following three areas:

On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Technical SEO 


Web page on laptop to represent on-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimising content on the pages of your website. This includes but is not limited to creating high quality content, using the correct keywords, header tags, and internal links. 

With our ‘Starter SEO Package’ we’ll complete the following on-page SEO activities for you:

– Keyword research
– Add further homepage copy
– Add a Service page
– Write blog post #1 (minimum 2000 words)
– Write blog post #2 (minimum 1000 words)
– Write blog post #3 (minimum 1000 words)
– Use header tags across all pages of your website


Icon to show backlinks as the main piece of off-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO focuses on activities that take place away from your website. Here we’re mostly looking at backlinks (links from other websites back to your site). If lots of other websites are pointing back to your site, Google will likely see this as a positive sign and rank your website higher.  

However, not all backlinks are created equal. A few high quality backlinks will be far more valuable than 100’s of backlinks from lower quality websites. 

Another major part of off-page SEO is your social media. Google likes genuine followers, likes, engagement and reviews. This is something you can work on yourself and it is likely to help improve your search ranking.

With our ‘Starter SEO Package’ we’ll complete the following off-page SEO activity for you:

– Secure 100 x high quality backlinks

Sitemap to represent technical SEO

Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO the focus is on ensuring your site meets Google’s requirements for modern websites. This includes but is not limited to site structure, sitemap, structured data and page speed. 

With our ‘Starter SEO Package’ we’ll complete the following technical SEO activities for you:

– Set up Google Search Console
– Set up Google Analytics
– Create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google
– Implement Schema markup across your website


Can you get me to position #1 on Google?

There isn’t an SEO consultant or agency out there who can genuinely guarantee a first organic position on a set of Google search results. 

While we’ve helped clients grow their business by securing high search rankings, how long it takes for your website to rank will depend largely on the competitiveness of the search term(s) you’re trying to rank for. 

The more businesses trying to secure a high ranking on Google for the same search term as you, the more effort required to secure a high search ranking yourself. As a result we work with many of our clients who are trying to rank for highly competitive search terms on an ongoing basis.  

Our ‘Starter SEO Package’ includes a current first set of activities we recommend all clients complete if they’re looking to improve the search ranking of their website. We use the word ‘current’ as Google typically updates its search algorithm (how it ranks websites) several times a year. 

At Guidance Digital we remain up to date with the latest Google search developments and always review our own SEO practices when a new search algorithm update is released. We practice what we preach and the activities we complete for our clients are the same as those we do to improve and maintain the search ranking of our own website.

If you’d like to discuss web design or SEO with a member of our friendly team, please get in touch on 01173 667 300 or by sending us an email.

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