Find the Whale

Whales are big and can be friendly.

They can be partners for your business, giving you large contracts or access to their customers (that you can hopefully turn into your customers).

> If you’re a window cleaner think big hotels or companies with large offices
> If you’re a makeup artist think hotels and wedding venues
> If you’re a dog groomer think vets and dog walkers

1. Decide on the type of business or organisation you want to partner with. Find between 5-20 targets in your area.

2. Find the individual you believe will be best placed to help. Think Events Manager, Operations Manager, Partnerships Manager, etc.

3a. Call them, introduce yourself and then ask to send them over some more info. Always speak to somebody. Even if it’s not the right person they should be able to point you in the right direction (provided you’re nice).

3b. The purpose of the call is to email info about your product/service to a human being. Don’t hard sell or waste time sending emails to info@, hello@, etc.

4.Have some way of measuring whether people open, read or click on a link on the email.

5. We’re all busy so remember to follow-up. If you’ve not heard back it doesn’t mean you offer a crap product/service or that they hate you and never want to speak with you again.

6. You can sweeten the deal with a discount or special offer. Take this from the money you save doing other forms of advertising.

Finding one or two valuable partners can give you a steady stream or enquiries. Who are these partners for your business and what can you do to start working with them?

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