Something can always be better and nothing is ever completed

While the ‘value’ Facebook adds to the world is questionable, the culture that’s helped the business grow into one of the most powerful companies in the world is not.

A large part of Facebook’s success can be attributed to a culture and management approach called ‘The Hacker Way’.

At the heart of the Hacker Way are two simple ideas:

1. Something can always be better
2. Nothing is ever completed

Your product, your service, the advice you share, way you conduct yourself on social media, your website, the customer service you provide can always be improved and is never perfect.

Rather than seeing this as something that adds to the stress of running a small business, it to your advantage and as a way of getting things done today.

Don’t put off releasing that new product, offering that new service or rolling out that customer service initiative until it’s perfect.

Nothing will ever be perfect and a lot of the time you won’t be able to see the improvements you can make to something until you see how your customers use it.

We don’t build and run or plan and leave. we provide our clients with an affordable website that they can edit themselves and marketing tutorials. This combination of a cheap website and honest marketing support helps all of the business owners we work with make the most out of their new website.

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