Google and Bing aren’t psychic, yet…


‘There are lots of companies out there (us included) who can help you promote your small business.

However, if you’re just dipping your toes in the water of a new market or are time rich/cash poor there are some steps you can take to start establishing an online presence. 

1. Make sure your name, address, phone number, email, social media account details are consistent EVERYWHERE online. We’d recommend keeping them in a document along with a table of all the places they’re listed.

2. Setup a Facebook business page and populate it with as much information about your business as you have. We’d also recommend including a pinned post which summarises what you offer, a seasonal promotion or perhaps an impressive case study from a recent customer.  

3. Setup a Google My Business page and again populate it with information about your business. Remember to try and share consistent information across Facebook and Google My Business.

4. Get happy customers to leave reviews for you on both Facebook and Google My Business. Also put a process in place to get future customers to leave you reviews.

5. If you’re going to setup a website, think about how it will look on a mobile, how potential customers will get to the important information (your contact details, location, pricing, etc.) and look at setting up a news or blog section. Remember Bing and Google aren’t psychic, if you’re a dog groomer in Southampton, make sure you’re letting customers and search engines know this.

6. Think about what you do a weekly basis; the customers you meet, reviews you receive, training you go on, products/services you offer. Try and share relevant information about your business regularly in your news or blog section. You can also link to this content from your Facebook Business page and any other social profiles you might have.

These are the basics, but if you’re looking for some help, support or taking your business further online feel free to get in touch.

We provide a growing list of clients across the United Kingdom with a cheap website and access to a range of common-sense marketing tutorials. To speak with a member of the team, get in touch with Guidance Digital in Bristol on 01179 667 300.

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