ACTION – You add content to your website.

WHY – Content is an important factor when it comes to SEO (Yawn)

WRITER’S BLOCK – Your busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy. So why not get your happy customers to write content for you.

BUSY – ‘You just said we’re all busy, they’re not going to do that…’

REUSE – They already are in the form of reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, Trip Advisor, etc.’

FIVE EASY STEPS – You don’t need to spend any money and the lovely kind words are just sitting there ready for you to use again. In this example we’ll use a local cleaning firm.

STEP 1 – Pull off three to five positive reviews and add them to a word document.

STEP 2 – Write a quick intro about what your company does, how you help your clients and how appreciative you are of reviews. Link this to the start of the three to five positive reviews with something like ‘Some recent reviews from happy customers…’

STEP 3 – Add a couple of lines of text below the final review. Include things like the different service you offer, areas covered, what makes you different and contact info.

STEP 4 – Upload this to your website as a blog post.

TOP TIP 1 – If you cover a specific town, city, region jump over to the reviewer’s profile and include where they’re based next to their name below the review. Something like…

‘Great Service, really friendly and excellent value too.’

Emily, Bristol

TOP TIP 2 – If you offer multiple services (carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc.) you may be able to write different review based blog posts for each of these. Maybe don’t post them one after each other on your website though.

Online reviews have become increasingly important over the last couple of years. If you decide you’d like a cheap website from us here at Guidance Digital you’ll also get access to our range of marketing tutorials. We’ve created a number of tutorials around the subject of reputation and cover online reviews and how you can make the most out of them in detail.

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