Get into this habit to start winning on Facebook and Google

ACTION – You add new posts and pictures to your Facebook business page.

WHY – The page is a good reference point for individuals that hear about your business by word of mouth

YOU – It’s not Facebook that potential customers are looking at it’s you. Your business, your content, YOU.

REUSE – Take the same content and use it to reach more potential customers on Google.

SEO – ‘Not this again, I’ve tried it, burnt through money and not seen any results.’

FIVE EASY STEPS – You don’t have to spend any money and it’s easy. Plus it will only take five minutes more than posting to your Facebook business page alone. In this example we’ll use a dog groomer – WOOF

STEP 1 – Use httpss:// to see how your ranking for terms related to your business. In this example we’d be looking at variations of ‘dog groomer Southampton’. If you’re in the top 100 results proceed to step 2.

STEP 2 – Take photos of the dogs that visit your salon (before and after photos work well for lots of business types).

STEP 3 – Upload the photo and a short caption to Facebook (as you would do anyway).

STEP 4 – Take that same photo, extend the caption and add another line about your business. Some like ‘If you’d like to speak to a caring and professional dog groomer in Southampton call us on 0800 123 456’. Upload this to your website as a blog post.

STEP 5 – Repeat this process every time you add a new picture or post your Facebook page. Aim for 3-5 times a week.

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – It doesn’t have to be Facebook or a website and SEO. You need customers so why not try both. Especially if it’s not going to cost anything and only take you five extra minutes a day. 

The process outlined in the above blog post form the basis to one of our marketing tutorial action plans. To start growing your business with an affordable website and honest marketing support contact Guidance Digital today.

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