Email Marketing – Five simple (but important) things to remember

A – Email marketing is great. It’s cheap and you can reach thousands of prospects with your message quickly.

B – Email marketing is rubbish. Everybody is doing it and as recipients we’re all really good detecting, detesting and deleting anything we deem as spam.

The truth is it can be either answer A or answer B, the choice is yours…

If you want to save time and deliver effective email marketing, then consider these five points…


If you don’t have buy-in then please DON’T send a cold email. I wouldn’t respond, you wouldn’t respond and there’s a good chance your potential customer won’t respond.


Avoid clickbait style subject lines. They may boost your open-rate, but they’re not going to help you get any new customers.


No to clickbait, yes to personalisation. With email marketing software like Mailchimp you can add add a recipient’s name to the subject line and/or body of the email.


Don’t write a novel, most of us read (and delete) our emails on our phones so please don’t write paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of text.


Don’t leave the recipient in any doubt about the action you want them to take after reading the email. Book an appointment, claim a discount, try a new service, whatever it is keep the call and action front, centre and very obvious.

Email marketing should be just one part of your overall marketing plan. Every business will have a different combination of marketing tools, tactics and processes that work for them.

Here at Guidance Digital we provide UK businesses and organisations with affordable web design services. However, we think our offer is a little better than ‘here’s your cheap website – good luck’.

We believe that a website, like email marketing, local SEO, Facebook advertising or any other form of marketing, is just one part of a wider marketing plan. We think it’s important (even if you don’t have a strong interest in marketing) to know about the different marketing tools and tactics now available.

That’s why as well as an affordable web design services our clients in our hometown or Bristol and across the UK also receive access to a range of marketing guides and tutorials that we’ve created.

If you’d like a professional, mobile-friendly and affordable website for your business plus honest marketing advice to help grow your business get in touch today. The Guidance Digital Office in Bristol is open Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm. To speak with a member of the team contact us on 01179 667 300.

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