Roller skate shop in Penzance

Niche business in a town with a relatively small population.

Domestic cleaning firm in London

Business with lots of competitors in the biggest city in the country.

Without doing any research we know it’s going to be harder for the domestic cleaning firm to rank well for search terms related to their business.

Search terms like ‘domestic cleaner London’ and ‘domestic cleaning services in London’.

However, for most of us it’s not as clear cut as this example.

That’s why it’s important to understand how your competitors who are ranking well have achieved their coveted search position.

In the below eight-minute video I go through a quick competitor SEO research process that you can apply to your own business.

Length of content on homepage

Long form content that provides a potential customer with ‘deeper’ information on the product or service you provide has a positive impact on SEO.

Domain Authority

A ranking score developed by search company Moz. It’s based on a number of factors and all new websites start with a score of 1.

The number of quality backlinks and age of site are two of the main influencers when it comes to improving your score.

For a more detailed explanation head to httpss://

Page Authority

The probability that a specific page on your website will be found on a search engine. A good idea to see how your homepage page authority compares to that of your competitors.


The theory goes that if lots of other sites think a particular site is worth linking to, Google tends to think the site is relevant and worth ranking in a high position too.

Next Steps


You can download the template I use in the vide above here.

Homepage copy

If your competitors on page one of Google have an average homepage count of 600 words, you know what you should be aiming for.


Now you know the sites that link to your competitors site you can go through and look to see if you can get any of these linking sites to link to you too.

Then overtime you should start to see an improving domain authority, improved page authority and an improved search ranking.

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