Don’t leave your new website alone in cyberspace

‘I need a website for my business, other people have one so I want one too…’

‘What for?’

‘So customers can find me on Google’

‘Ahh, so you want to look at a website and SEO’

‘Okay scratch that, I’ll use it as a place to direct potential customers to from my email newsletters and social media activity’

‘So you’re looking at a website, putting together a social media plan, email marketing strategy and potentially paid ads too?’

‘I’m going to look at those things further down the line. Right now I’ll just use it as a point of reference when I’m taking to potential customers in person or over the phone’

‘Cool, so you want a website you can edit and update yourself so it always accurately reflects your business then?’

It’s never just a website that is built and left, never just Facebook Ads, never just your online reviews and never just email marketing.

It’s about finding the right combination of marketing tools, tactics, strategies and techniques for your business.

A static website that you can’t update or isn’t working with the rest of your marketing isn’t going to benefit your business much drifting around in cyberspace.

Having a website for your small business is a great ideas, but it’s just the start.

You need to plug it into the rest of your marketing to really benefit.

This is the crux of our offer, our messaging, what we do and the marketing we believe in. It’s never just about your website.

We believe our web design and marketing advice service is excellent value at £8.99 per month. If you’d like to talk about the service we offer, see some website examples specific to your industry or ask us a question get in touch today.

You can speak with a member of the team by contacting us on 01179 667 300.

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