Frequently Asked Questions About Our Web Design Service 

On this page we’ve included answers to frequently asked questions clients ask our Bristol website designers. If for whatever reason you don’t find the answer to your question on this page, please feel free to contact us directly.

Is your free web design mock up really free?

Absolutely. Following a quick phone chat where you can tell us more about your web project, we’ll create you a complimentary web design mock up showing how your new website could look.

We’ll also include a separate moodboard of colour, imagery and font ideas that we believe will work well. This first design that we put together doesn’t have to be how your final website looks. Instead it’s intended to be the starting point of the project.

Also worth pointing out that the free web design mock up really is free. If you don’t like what we create or decide you’d rather work with a different website designer, there’s absolutely no obligation to take the project any further with us. 

What’s included in your £125 website build?

For £125 we’ll design and build a mobile-friendly scrolling website that you’ll own and can edit and update yourself. The website will include all of the key sections you need to promote your business.

These include:

– About us section 
– FAQ section 
– Image gallery
– Social media feed (Instagram works works well)
– Products/services section 
– Contact form

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Each and every website that we build is designed to be mobile-friendly straight out of the box.

This means each and every site our web create looks great on smartphone, tablet, laptop and also large desktop monitors. 

What's a scrolling website?

A scrolling website includes all or a selection of the above sections on one scrolling page as opposed to having a separate page for each section.

As we’ve all started using our smartphones and tablets to browse the internet more, we have become accustomed to scrolling through content rather than clicking on buttons to access content presented on different web pages.

Why are your websites so cheap?

Our team of website designers have been working with clients in Bristol and across the wider UK since 2016.

We build all of our sites on the WordPress platform using the Divi framework. By pairing this technology with processes we’ve developed over the last six years we’re able to offer websites at highly competitive prices. 

What's included in your support package?

Alongside our website build service, we also offer a monthly support package for £6.95/pm. 

This includes:

– Hosting (space on the internet for your website)
– Domain (
– Professional email (
– SSL certificate (to keep your website secure)
– Daily backups (to keep your website safe)
– All website and plugin updates (to keep your website running smoothly)
– Access to our web editing videos (to help you edit your website)
– Access to our digital marketing videos (to help you grow your business online)

What if I don't want your support package?

If you don’t want to go for our monthly hosting and maintenance package that’s no problem.

We’ll need access to the installation that you’ve set up on your own hosting. As soon as you’ve provided us with this, one of our web designers can get to work on your new website.

Do I own my website?

You absolutely do. We’ve seen some shady web design agencies (naming no names) who will build you a website and then proceed to hold you to ransom over ownership rights.

At Guidance Digital, you own your website and all associated plugins and code. This means if you decide to go with our maintenance and hosting platform in the first instance and then change your mind, we’ll provide you with all of the necessary website files so you can relaunch your website with a different hosting provider. 

Will it be easy to update my new website?

If you’re comfortable adding pictures and posts to your social media profiles, then updating your new website will be fairly straightforward.

The Divi framework that all of our websites are built on includes a visual builder. This gives you the ability to update your website on the front end.

We’re also created a range of walkthrough web editing video tutorials to help you get started.

What's included in your video tutorials?

Our video tutorials have been created using our 12+ years of marketing and 6+ years of web design experience. They cover a wide range of topics from web design to Google My Business, reviews, organic SEO and PPC.

Individual videos include ‘how to access your website dashboard’, ‘how to add an image to your new website, ‘how to edit text on your website’ and more. 

Can you update my website for me?

If you don’t have the time or would rather not update your new website yourself, our team of Bristol web designers will be happy to help. We’ll always give you a price upfront for any web design work or marketing support we provide.

What platform will you use to build my website?

All of our websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that supports a wide range of website block builders and plugin architecture. This means that you can easily edit, update and customise your new website yourself.

What's a plugin?

A plugin is an additional piece of software that ‘plugs into’ your website to give it additional functionality.

This includes things like giving you the ability to sell and take payment for products or services on your site (WooCommerce plugin), highlighting ways you can improve the search ranking of your website (Yoast SEO plugin) and more. 

Can you help with SEO?

Organic SEO is topic we get asked lots about and it’s easy to see why. It can be a great way to improve the online visibility of your business and encourage more potential customers to visit your website and contact you. 

However, SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It can take between 4-6 months to rank well on Google and this depends on the competitiveness of the search term that you’re looking to rank for. If you live in a small to medium sized town or city and only have a couple of competitors then it will be easier to rank on Google and other search engines than if your business is located in a much larger city and you operate in a market with far more competitors.

We’ve created a large number of step-by-step video tutorials on the subject of organic SEO and these are free to access for all clients who have our support package. The tutorials go through the exact steps that we followed to get our website ranking in the top couple of results on Google. 

What other services do you offer?

We’ve got over 12 years marketing experience.

We can advise on things including setting up a newsletter, CRMs, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, gaining reviews, copywriting, social media, organic SEO and more.

We’re also big on design and can create a logo, put together some business cards or help with a new brochure.

Do you only work with clients in Bristol?

While we’re based in South Bristol and love working with clients in the city and across the South West, we’ve also worked with business owners much further afield. From cleaning companies in Glasgow to lawyers in London, designer handbag hire businesses in Liverpool and much more. 

If you’re based in Bristol or close by, then we’re more than happy to meet for a coffee to talk through your project in person. Alternatively, we’re happy to talk through your next web design project over the phone or on Zoom.