A Web Design Business Based in South Bristol 

Every business that wants an online presence should be able to have one. 

A smart looking, mobile friendly website shouldn’t only be for those with the patience to use a DIY site builder or £1,000’s to spend. 

Over the years we’ve built websites for a variety of businesses in Bristol and across the wider UK. From plumbers in South Bristol to personal trainers in Surrey, office cleaning firms in Glasgow and property lawyers in London. 

We spend most of our days in front of a screen. Despite (or perhaps because of this) we’re personable and happy to chat about your next web design project on the phone, over Zoom or face to face somewhere in Bristol. 

We hate sales jargon, tech babble and misleading prices. We love colour palettes, fonts and functional websites that do a job.

Website Designers in Action 

Snapshot for those of us (everybody) who skim read blocks of text and look for the larger font and icons…

Guidance Digital was founded in South Bristol in 2016

We’ve designed and built 250+ websites during that time

Our mobile-friendly web design and build prices start from £125

Mobile-friendly Websites 

From one page ‘scrolling’ websites to membership platforms and ecommerce sites. We’ve built a wide range of websites for clients with wildly different requirements.

The WordPress platform (that all of our websites are built on) is supported by a global community who are continually developing a range of plugins designed to improve website functionality.

This means that whatever you’d like your new website to do, we can (pretty much) oblige and at a reasonable price too.

Real world examples of client requests:

A custom booking system for a designer handbag hire website

A booking system for a designer bag hire business that lets customers hire bags for between four and seven days using a built in availability calendar.

A members only ecommerce website for healthcare professionals

An online pharmacy that requires healthcare professionals to register before being able to purchase.

Conditional logic contact form for a steak restaurant website

We developed a contact form that used conditional logic to display customers with specific options depending on their previous form inputs.