Bristol Website Designers 

Do You Want a Website That Doesn’t Suck or Cost a Small Fortune?

A smart, functional and mobile-friendly website can make all the difference to your business. At its most fundamental level, a professional website can improve the credibility of your business online. 

Beyond that, a website can serve as an online shop, improve your online visibility, host members-only content and much more. 

Here at Guidance Digital we’ve been designing and building mobile-friendly websites for businesses in Bristol and across the wider UK since 2016. During this time we’ve built countless websites for happy clients with a whole host of different requirements. 

From simple brochure websites to sites that help clients dominate local search, ecommerce stores and membership platforms. If you want to build a unique, functional website for your business – we’re here to help.  

Mobile-friendly by Design

The need for a mobile-friendly or responsive (same same) website has only increased in recent years as more and more of us consume online content through our mobile devices.

With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that each and every website our team of Bristol web designers create is mobile-friendly straight out of the box. This means your website is going to look great on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or huuuuuge desktop PC monitor.

Web Design Tools of the Trade

Here at Guidance Digital our team of Bristol website designers use technology that fits with all of the following criteria:


All of the frameworks and website plugins we use are functional. Meaning they do the job we need them to do to ensure your website works as it should is an asset for your business.


We understand that when you’re busy running your business, the last thing you want to do is spend your evenings learning how to use a complicated web editing platform.

We also make sure that the framework that your website is built on along with all of the supporting technology is easy-to-use. This will allow you to quickly and easily edit your own website with minimal fuss.  


Finally, all of the technology solutions we use are cost-effective. We see little point in having the very best technology solution if it’s so expensive only a couple of wealthy business owners can afford to use it. 

Web Design Technology We Use

The following web design frameworks and website plugins meet the above criteria. They are the foundation of the web design projects we deliver for clients in Bristol and across the UK. 


Divi is a framework that sits on top of WordPress. While we can create a simple website using WordPress on it’s own, coupling it with the Divi framework gives us many more options when it comes to designing and building websites. 

Additionally, the Divi framework also includes a visual builder. This means that once we’ve designed, built, launched and handed the website over to you – you’ll be able to easily edit and update it yourself.

We’ve also created a range of walkthrough tutorials that break down how you do a whole host of edits and changes on your website. From adding new pictures to starting a blog and setting up a chatbot – we’ve got it all covered for you. 


WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin. We use this powerful tool when clients want to create an online shop for the products or services they offer. 

WooCommerce offers many great features straight out of the box, including the ability to set different shipping rates, a variety of payment options and more. 

Yoast SEO

For a business providing products or services in a specific geographical location i.e. town, city or county, SEO can be a really great way to improve your visibility online and generate more enquiries directly through your website. 

Get your website ranking organically, don’t spend any money on advertising and have customers coming directly to your business – sounds pretty dreamy right?

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t as easy as that. There are a host of factors that determine where your website will rank for a given keyword. To help categorise these factors, we broadly group them under on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. 

While it’s certainly not a silver bullet and getting a green light for all of your pages using their built in traffic light system doesn’t mean your website will automatically rank in the top couple of results for the search term your targeting, we’re big fans of using Yoast SEO as a starting point for your SEO learning, strategy and execution. 

Every mobile-friendly website that our Bristol team build is created with SEO in mind. While this doesn’t mean your website is going to automatically appear at the top of Google as soon as it’s launched (sorry this is never going to happen, no matter who is building your website or how much you pay), it does mean that your new site is built on solid SEO foundations that can, over time, help you secure an excellent ranking on Google and more enquiries. 

Our Web Design and Build Process

There was much debate in our Bristol office over whether or not we should include a web design process section on our website. 

We were worried we might fall into the trap we see of creating an over elaborate process diagram that uses lots of emotive words to describe building websites. 

After much wrangling we decided to ditch the complicated diagram and instead explain in plain English the process that we work through when designing and building websites for clients.

Free Web Design Mockup and Moodboard

We’ll start our potential project by creating you a complimentary web design mock up and moodboard of visual ideas. This will show our initial ideas of how your new website could look based on our initial conversation. We’ll also include a moodboard of font, colour and imagery ideas that our Bristol designers think will work well with the website.

Further Develop Your Web Design

If you like the look of the web design mock up and moodboard, we’ll combine the two and spend further time developing the look and feel of your web design. 

Build Your Website

Once you’re satisfied that the web design looks just as you’d like it to, we can get to work turning it into a fully functional, mobile-friendly website for you. During this stage we’ll add any interactive elements or animations.

Over to You

Once you’ve given the a-okay to launch and the new site is live, we’ll hand the reins over to your. Fear not though, you won’t be riding solo. We’ll share a range of video tutorials so you’ll have the power to edit and update your new website yourself.

Included With Every Website

While the price we’ll quote for your website project will depend on the specifics of your project and the functionality you require, every single website project our Bristol team completes has the following features and functionality baked in from the get go.


If it’s worth saying once, it’s worth saying 100 times right? In today’s world the smartphone is king. Yet we still see some unscrupulous web design shysters charging extra for a mobile-friendly website. Not us. All of our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly right out of the box. 

Built With SEO in Mind

‘Built with SEO in mind’ doesn’t mean instant ranking in the top 1-5 positions on Google. ‘Built with SEO in mind’ does mean that your website will have the foundations for SEO built in from the start.

Edit Yourself

We won’t build your website and then hold you to ransom over future edits and updates. Instead, we’ll launch your new website and then provide you with the login details you need to access and update it yourself. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with access to video tutorials showing you how to do this.